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Welcome Message To My Readers

My dear BPD / non-BPD reader,

Welcome to my website!

I've been on the "battlefield" since 2010, helping my fellow BPDs and non-BPDs overcome this horrific mental disorder, developing, improving, and refining everything that helps my readers and clients FINALLY have the lives they want.

As you probably know, officially Borderline Personality Disorder is declared "untreatable". Ask the specialists and 99% will tell you there is no treatment for it.

So what am I doing here? What is the meaning of the thousands of hours invested into this website and the books I am making available? Who am I to go against what is generally known and accepted about borderline personality?

To answer these questions I need to touch on several key points.

(1) First, I am NOT trying to prove anything to anybody. The information I make available on this website, in my books, and during the online therapy and coaching sessions are meant to HELP, INFORM,  and DEVELOP those who accept and embrace it.

(2) I AM an EX-BPD sufferer MYSELF. Formally I have never been diagnosed, but after five years of studying psychology (3 year BA in "Psychology" and 2 year MA in "Clinical Psychology, Psychological Counseling, And Psychotherapy") and lots of self-analysis, in July 2010 I finally discovered that my chaotic emotions, out-of-the-blue angry and impulsive reactions, the inner void and pain, the lack of trust in myself and people, the attitude that I'll never be really loved and I will never get the things that I want in life, the almost constant feeling of abandonment although I married a beautiful, loving, and understanding woman, and all the contradictory thoughts and emotions I had inside of me described the symptoms of borderline personality perfectly.

Along with the generally known symptoms of borderline personality, here on this website you will find LOTS of BPD manifestations, attitudes, and insights that are UNIQUE and cannot be found anywhere else. I guarantee it.

(3) BPD is a mental DISORDER, NOT a mental ILLNESS! Mental disorders are INFORMATIONAL, while mental illnesses are PHYSICAL.

The problems of the physical mind (i.e. the brain) rarely can be treated. Sufferers' condition can only be improved with medication, diet, physical exercises, counseling, and support.

A mental disorder however, such as BPD, being informational in nature, virtually can be treated completely because we can RE-LEARN the beliefs, thoughts, and thinking patterns that are causing the BPD symptoms. In practice the difference between those who overcame their BPD and those who didn't stands in the fact that, although ALL want to become BPD-free, NOT ALL BPD sufferers are willing to invest the necessary work.

(4) When I first evaluate a client, I'm ALWAYS looking at the big picture. This way I can determine whether at the bottom of the symptoms stand borderline personality structures or something else. This step is crucial because it determines the main strategy of the entire therapy.

For example, many of my BPD clients had been misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxious type disorders, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Some clients present symptoms specific for two or more mental disorders. Personality disorders usually being rooted in certain early life experiences, the dominant symptoms are set apart from the non-dominant ones based on the type of the early life experiences and the presenting symptoms.

As far as BPD vs. Bipolar Disorder goes, from DSM-IV stand point as well as from my experience these two disorders exclude each other. In other words, one can't have BPD and Bipolar Disorder at the same time. More details in this article. It is also true that many BPD sufferers have symptoms that resemble Bipolar Disorder, especially those who are acting in. AGAIN, a CORRECT diagnosis can be reached ONLY by looking at the big picture of a client's symptoms. This means that present symptoms, present cognitions, and past life events and experiences are taken into account together.

When the main mental disorder is not BPD but has BPD type symptoms intertwined, the main disorder should always be treated first.

(5) Science being constructed by people, it follows an evolutionary path very similar to the way people and societies develop over time.

If we look at both people and science at one particular moment in time, their stage of development may seem predetermined, stable. HOWEVER, if we look at them over decades and centuries, we can always see clearly that development, evolution is rather "fluid". It flows from one stage into the next.

THUS, things, treatments, achievements that were "impossible" in the past, became "possible" in the present.

Thus, I'd rather say that present day "possibles" are discoveries and new understandings accumulated on top of the "impossibles" of the past.

(6) A mentally healthy and a brain afflicted by BPD are basically working the same way. Their "mechanics" are the same (the difference stands in the hormonal functioning that is driven by the thinking processes). Between one person having been grown up in a healthy environment and the other one in an unhealthy environment, the ways their brains think differ. Thus a BPD person and a non-BPD person think, feel, and react differently when facing same / similar stimuli.

My treatment is based on the scientifically accepted "workings" of the human mind and brain, and having them adapted to the special needs and problems of BPD.

I built my treatment as I was first using it, testing it, and refining it ON MYSELF.

Basically, the negative irrational emotions and maladaptive behaviors are caused by unhealthy cognitions, while rational emotions and adaptive behaviors have at the bottom healthy cognitions ("positive thinking" or "good thoughts" as they are popularly called). My treatment addresses a special type of cognitions that are scientifically called central cognitions. These central cognitions are the base of our identities - our personalities, and are represented first by belief systems that are describing ourselves, other people, and the world in general, second by thinking patterns (e.g., the "black and white" thinking style), and third by emotional and behavioral patterns (i.e. automatic / impulsive emotional and behavioral reactions).

My treatment "steers" one's thinking from the negative to the positive. Thus, it DOES NOT have any negative side effects.


Q: "Is my treatment validated?"

A: Not yet.

Q: "Does it work?"

A: Yes! I stand behind it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Q: "What is the success rate of your treatment?"

A: On average, 2 out of 3 clients who have bought the book program achieved permanent significant reduction and elimination of the painful symptoms. With online therapy the success rate is higher.

Q: "I'd like to wait until your treatment gets validated."

A: That's okay with me, it's your choice. However validation could take years. And remember, my treatment is built on the scientifically accepted working principles of the human mind. That includes YOU TOO! THUS, it is MORE likely that it WILL WORK FOR YOU too than not. Again, it's your choice.

Q: "What happens if I want a refund?"

A: All my downloadable products come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Send me an email saying "I want refund", put in your unique order number and that's all. In maximum 24 hours I will process your refund.

Q: "You live on the other side of the world. Why should I trust you Michael?"

A: I actually don't expect you to trust me right away. Here on the website I am making available lots of free information: articles, interviews, and videos. I am also giving YOU lots of free tips to use immediately.

The best way to get a first hand feeling of what I'm talking about is to scroll to the top of this page, put in your first name and email address into the form and I will send you: my free ebook called "Surviving The Borderline Hellhole" and a 12 Day Email Series with unique information and insights on borderline personality.

ONLY after you RESONATE with this information and SEE that it ACTUALLY works, I can expect you to trust me and decide to invest in my products and services.

Q: "Where are your products and services listed?"

A: You can access them here.

Q: "Where can I contact you for further information?

A: You can write me at Michael.BPD@gmail.com . I answer emails personally in maximum 24 hours.


Thank You and I wish you well!


Sincerely Yours,



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