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"Efficient Borderline Personality Treatment - The Twelve Key Elements"

Learn The Twelve Key Elements Of An Efficient Borderline Treatment

By Michael Weisz


There is a lot of information available online and offline about borderline personality treatments. However it's really hard to find information on what efficient borderline personality treatments have to include.

So let's talk about what a BPD treatment has to do in order to be really efficient.

First, it has to give comfort. BPD sufferers experience intense emotional pain and turmoil and they need all the support and understanding they can get.

Second, it has to teach relaxation techniques and exercises so the BPD sufferer can calm and soothe himself/herself when needed.

Third, it has to teach the important aspects or borderline personality so that the BPD sufferer can understand what is going on with him/her.

Fourth, an efficient borderline personality treatment has to include techniques that help the BPD sufferer to identify the self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and thinking patterns. The very core of borderline personality is represented by the self-defeating cognitions, therefore identifying them is very important.

Fifth, it has to include step-by-step techniques, exercises, and strategies to transform the self-defeating cognitions into self-validating ones. The new cognitions will "produce" new positive emotions and helping behaviors.

Sixth, it has to have techniques and strategies for emotional management and modulation. Sometimes the emotional reactions are so powerful that relaxation techniques and cognitive restructuring need to be followed by emotional reprogramming.

Seventh, it has to address the debilitating symptoms, like anxiety and depression, in order to help the BPD sufferer be receptive to the information and exercises.

Eighth, it has to address all the common addictions and impulsive behaviors associated with BPD. They are instant gratification strategies so they impede the efficiency of the treatment by shifting attention from the real causes.

Ninth, it has to address the self-harming behaviors. They represent ways of self-invalidation and the BPD sufferer has to stop these behaviors before making any real progresses.

Tenth, an efficient borderline personality treatment has to address the delicate subject of suicide.

Eleventh, it has to address all the other associated problems and disorders, like personality disorders, PTSD, OCD, GAD.

And Twelfth, an efficient treatment for borderline personality has to go into other life areas too, like sexuality, job, professional life, and social life. Usually all these life areas are deeply affected by BPD and they need to get proper attention in order to help the BPD sufferer seal the subject of borderline personality for ever.

In my  program "Borderline Personality Begone!" you will find all these essential elements of an efficient BPD treatment and it goes even beyond them. It walks you through all these pieces in a step-by-step manner that is very easy to understand.

It is very practical and you can implement the things you'll learn right away, allowing you to actually feel the results of what you learn almost immediately.

Remember, every journey starts with the first step. When do you want to start your journey toward your BPD-free life?

Go here: "Borderline Personality Begone!"

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