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"How BPD Develops Over Time"

Understand How Borderline Personality Develops Over The Years

By Michael Weisz


In this article I am going to explain how the consistent the consequences of the consistent invalidations can add up up the point when they develop into borderline personality.

The keyword here is "consistent".

See, our brain learns through the principle of repetition. When it is stimulated repeatedly by the same information or messages over a longer period of time, it thinks that that information is important for your survival and it "stores" it.

Let me give you an example.

What do you do if you want to learn a new poem? You sit down and repeat the text and the rhymes until you can reproduce it by heart, right?

What about a new song? You'll play it on your CD player and learn it by singing along, isn't it?

What about a new phone number? You'll probably need to repeat it 10-20 times until you'll know it by heart.

In these examples the learning process is deliberate and the information is explicit.

In borderline personality the self-defeating "messages" and "hints" that are sent by the consistent invalidations are learned implicitly, you without being aware of them.

Our brain "scrutinizes" constantly the environment and learns every stimuli and piece of information that reoccurs consistently over time.

In case of constant invalidations, our brains learn the implicit messages of the invalidations we encounter.

For example, if one of the consistent invalidations you were faced with in childhood was emotional coldness, the implicit message you have probably perceived was "I am unlovable", or "I don't deserve to be loved", or another similar one.

Since you were faced with this invalidation for years and years, the repeated implicit message "I am unlovable" was picked up by your subconscious mind and has turned it into your internal reality.

Are you working hard to convince yourself that you are lovable, worthy, important, respectable etc but it feels like lying yourself?

That's because your inner reality is not made up by your logic, but by the beliefs and thinking patterns that are "stored" in your subconscious mind.

And this is just one belief that is commonly found in people who suffer from borderline personality. There are many other ones as well that work in a systematic fashion, "jumping" from one group of such self-defeating beliefs and thinking patterns to the next one, with their emotional and behavioral consequences.

The GOOD NEWS is that our brain is very flexible in acquiring and integrating new pieces of information, beliefs, and thoughts. If they are positive and are used consistently, eventually they will replace your old self-defeating inner reality with this new positive and self-loving one.

Our emotions and behaviors are ALWAYS "produced" by our thoughts. So the only way to change your racing emotions, your inner void, your lack of identity, your impulsive behaviors, your almost constant worry, anxiety, and depression is by replacing the thoughts that are generating them with new self-loving, self-valuing, and self-supporting ones.

YOU too can transform your self-defeating thoughts once you know all the necessary insights and exercises.

Just because you had a painful past it doesn't mean that your future has to be the same. With the right information and techniques any BPD person create new positive precedents in his or her life to replace the past negative ones that have created their borderline personality. And YOU can too!

And my new "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program does just that!

In it I am teaching you everything you need to know to become an EXPERT in healing your borderline personality YOURSELF. From all the key elements of borderline personality, to detailed step-by-step techniques, strategies, exercises, and insights that deactivate your old self-defeating thoughts and thinking patterns, and replace them with new positive ones.

For instance one of the most powerful technique I have discovered to produce fast and lasting results in changing the self-defeating beliefs with new self-validating ones is positive affirmations. They practically "tear out" past unhealthy beliefs and attitudes by implanting the new positive ones that YOU want to become your reality.

For example, a minute ago I mentioned the "I am unlovable" self-defeating belief. The positive affirmation to replace it is "I am a lovable person". Through repetition this affirmation will become your new inner reality, your new belief system.

In my program you'll find a collection of techniques, exercises, and strategies to help you get maximum results in the shortest time possible.

So if you want to start healing your borderline personality IMMEDIATELY, download my "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program and be reading it the next 1 minute.

Go here right now: "Borderline Personality Begone!"

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