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"Self-Love And Emotional Well Being In BPD"

By Michael Weisz


I can still remember moments from my past when I just wished to know how to stop that inner clench, turmoil, and pain I used to feel almost every day for years.

I felt despicable, that I am inherently bad, in spite all of my efforts to be a good person.

Yet, I was missing a KEY point in this whole "feeling bad and striving to be good" thing.

The key was that I've been GOOD already, that I was inherently WORTHY, but somehow another part of my self was having a completely different view on this matter.

So I set out to discover what was going through my mind, why I was having  that constant inner pain, and why I was so low in my own eyes.

And one day it just HIT me!

How in the world could I feel good under my skin while I totally despising myself?

I mean, can you feel love for someone while thinking that that person is despicable?

We can't think in one way but feel something completely different.

Our feelings and emotions always reflect our thoughts and perceptions.

And what is even MORE AMAZING about the human mind is that we can even feel hatred toward ourselves and others while having no REAL proofs to back that up.

Did it ever happen to you to build a bad impression about someone based on the bad impressions of a third person? Do you remember the feelings you used to have about that person? Yet after some time you had the chance to meet and get to know that person and you've been left with a totally different impression?

These things happen because we humans are inclined to build our perceptions about people through the eyes of others.

And let me tell you that this principle goes for your perceptions and attitudes toward yourself too!

Some people grew up in cold and harsh families, so later in life they tend to be unkind and despise themselves.

Other people grew up in warm, loving, supportive families, so later in life they tend to have positive self-image, high self-esteem, and to be gentle, loving, and caring with themselves.

Again, we build our perceptions and attitudes about ourselves, others, and the world through the eyes of others and through others' experiences that being passed on to us.

And things get even more mind puzzling when some people see things in one way, and others see the same things in a completely different way.

That's why I use to say that people tend to experience different realities, yet THERE IS ONLY ONE  REAL REALITY.

The REAL REALITY ABOUT YOU is that YOU deserve to be loved, respected, and that you are worthy.

How do I know this?

Well, at your birth you've been given all these things by your Creator!

It doesn't matter what others think about you, and it EVEN doesn't matter what YOU think about yourself! You are worthy, lovable, respectable human being NO MATTER WHAT!

But the KEY to actually feel good under your skin is to leave behind your painful and traumatizing past, and reconnect with YOUR SELF.

The emotional blockage you are feeling deep inside is there because unconsciously you have allowed others' bad perceptions about you to become your reality, your belief system.

And the almost constant emotional pain you feel is there because the self-defeating side of your self is conflicting with another side of your self that holds your inborn good attributes.

And such internal conflicts are always signaled by your psyche through different emotions and sensations, like pain, anxiety, worry, depression, frustration, shame, guilt, tension, or anger.

In short, others' unloving acts toward you have made you believe that you are unlovable, that you don't deserve to be loved. This belief is conflicting with your inherited "lovable-ility", so you feel pain, anxiety, depression etc.

So the KEY to stop your suffering is to bring SELF-LOVE back into your life.

And since you've been given love at your birth, you don't need to do anything to "get" it.

You don't need to get what you already have, isn't it?

So instead you need to RECONNECT with your inherited love by saying "I LOVE MYSELF".

At the beginning it might feel awkward to say this to yourself. It is because your belief system is still saying "I hate / despise myself".

Don't let this anxiety stop you from feeding your mind with this message of love. Don't fight your anxiety and continue repeating "I love myself".

Indulge your mind and emotions with this message of love you are sending to yourself as often as you.

Now, as you probably know, BPD has several facets. Learning to love, respect, admire yourself once again represent just one part of a successful journey toward YOUR BPD-free life.

All the other parts you can find detailed in my "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program.

Get a COMPLETE education on relieving yourself from borderline personality by reading the books in my program.

You have the chance to cut short your pain by starting today.

Find all the details here: "Borderline Personality Begone!"

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