Do You Want To STOP Feeling Like A Mentally Damaged Person And Put Out THE BPD HELL For Good? Would YOU Like To Be Treated By An Experienced Psychotherapist Who Went Himself Through The Same Hell You Are In Now?


  • Do you feel a gaping hole in your chest or a painful emptiness inside of you?

  • Do you feel like the worst possible person on this planet?

  • During your childhood years have you been abused, traumatized, deprived, or invalidated either physically or emotionally? Do those experiences left deep scars on your emotions?

  • Do you have moments when you can't seem to control your emotions or reactions?

  • Are you feeling inferior from other people without any obvious reasons?

  • Is it exceptionally hard for you to trust people, even those ones who you have no reasons not to trust? Are you having a general perception that people are bad, selfish, or unpredictable, and in order to save yourself from possible pain it's better to just stay away from them and close form the world?

  • Do you feel at the same time a need to have someone you can trust, to be close to, but it's almost impossible because you freak out?

  • Is it difficult for you to "open up", to talk about your needs, emotions, plans, or dreams? Do you think that people are going to make fun of you or will have other negative consequences for you?

  • Are you sometimes having the tendency to isolate yourself, shut off from the world, stay in your room and do nothing?

  • Are you having a low image about yourself?

  • Are you having major difficulties getting over bad things, even when they are not directed at you?

  • Do you have a tendency to see things and people in too bright or too dark colors, without noticing any "shades" in between?

  • Are you having moments when you feel alone, abandoned, that nobody cares about you, or that nobody will ever love you for who you really are?

  • Do you feel that you need to play a role or that you need to put up a mask so that others will love and accept you?

  • Are you having great difficulties "digesting" critiques, blames, punishments?

  • Do you feel almost impossible to love, respect, or like yourself when others don't?

  • Is it very hard for you to turn people down?

  • Do you have a feeling of "I don't know who I am?"

  • Do you feel that you'll never get the love, care, attention, respect that you need in spite all your efforts?

  • Do you have moments when you attract people in your life and then suddenly push them away?

  • Have you ever had a feeling of "I can't stand myself!"

  • Are you having major problems in your personal, social, or professional relationships?

  • Do you feel like a loser? Do you feel like you'll never be able to manifest your full potential?

  • Have you already thought about going to a psychotherapist butit was impossible to find one that specializes in Borderline Personality?


I have good news and bad news!

Let's start with the bad news...

Borderline Personality is indeed a complex mental disorder.

It's so complex and intricate that most BPD sufferers don't understand themselves what's going on with them. I'm NOT blaming anyone, this is only a sad observation.

And if you try to find a therapist who specializes in borderline personality, 99% will tell you that BPD is "untreatable" (I put untreatable between quotes because treatable or untreatable is just a concept we humans invented; the correct approach to this dilemma would be to answer the following questions: "How much do we know about borderline personality, or other mental disorder for that matter, so that we have the right to say that x or y mental disorder is "treatable" or "untreatable"?") The big problem with this treatable/untreatable approach is that most people, specialists included, have the tendency to discard "untreatable" patients, and don't even make the effort to find out whether are there new discoveries that can turn a mental disorder from "untreatable" into "treatable" or not.

In other words, BPD as a mental disorder was put into a black box that says "untreatable", FORGETTING that EVERYTHING in LIFE is FLUID, is a constant development. One discovery or evolution leads to other discoveries and new stages of evolution, THUS making "impossible" things and "untreatable" mental disorders into POSSIBLE and TREATABLE.

Please DON'T fall for these ideas of impossible and untreatable and start seeing things and start thinking OUTSIDE THE BLACK BOX. Well, in fact the black box never existed in the first place. It's just that some people created it and passed on the concept explicitly but mostly implicitly onto others and most of us accepted it without questioning its logic.

So STOP doing that because otherwise YOU ARE SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT and you don't even realize it!

Now the good news...

As I mentioned a moment ago, ALL advancements in the history of humanity had been preceded by discoveries or by gaining a deeper understanding of the phenomenon we wanted to control. Examples? The world is round, not flat as it was originally believed. The Earth revolves around the Sun, NOT the Sun around the Earth as it was believed before. Six decades ago anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD used to be "untreatable". Meanwhile, thanks to thousands of studies and researches conducted on the human psyche provided us with a plethora of information that helped us gain a better understanding of the ways our minds work. So around the 1960's the first efficient short-term psychological interventions for anxiety and neurosis had been put together by Albert Ellis. Since then most of the other mental disorders received efficient psychotherapeutic procedures generally accepted for their obvious performances.

However, some of the disorders remained a mystery due to their complexity and apparent lack of logic, such as Borderline Personality Disorder.

BPD had taken eight years from my life. Because no treatment was available, in the summer of 2010 I decided to take my faith into my own hands and create my own treatment based on my psychology studies and my personal history.

I began reading on forums about other BPD sufferers and compare their life histories with mine.

At one point a pattern began to emerge... I knew I was onto something. I felt so good!

All those BPD sufferers mentioned either harsh physical treatments, sexual abuses, or emotional traumas, or emotional blackmail.

Then it DAWNED ON ME that IN FACT we humans experience physical and sexual abuses as emotional traumas. This is the reason why borderline personality develops not only in those who had suffered from physical and/or sexual abuses.

The second piece of the puzzle I discovered was that BPDs used to be punished, scolded, criticized, or abandoned by close adults almost every time when they attempted to fulfill their need for love, care, attention, safety, respect, support, esteem, or other emotional needs. As children, we depend emotionally on our parents to fulfill our emotional needs along with the physical ones. If we don't get these needs met, or even worse we get only negatives with nothing or only tiny bits of positives, we roll into huge emotional imbalances that, we as children, don't understand and don't know how to deal with.

The third piece of the puzzle was the family constellation. Usually the mothers of BPD sufferers are either cold, harsh, rejecting, resentful, very negativistic, perfectionists, are simply unable to forgive their children, set very rigid implicit or explicit rules inside the family, or are downright abusive. Also the fathers are absent, either physically or emotionally, and fail to counterbalance emotionally the mothers. Additionally, the parents of BPD sufferers have themselves their emotional problems, like borderline personality, depression, acute anxiety, narcissistic personality, antisocial personality, are promiscuous, or abuse substances frequently.

All these initial life experiences eventually start to spin into other traumas, invalidations, and deprivations in life areas like social interactions, at school, romance, at work, and in other circumstances.

The FUNDAMENTAL piece of the borderline personality puzzle is that ALL emotional traumas are stored in our subconscious minds as belief systems and thinking patterns. For example "I am a loser" is a belief system. "I'll never get what I need no matter how hard I try" is another belief system. BPD is IN FACT a collection of self-limiting and self-deprecating belief systems. We learn these belief systems as a consequence of the painful emotional traumas we faced during our early years of life.


By learning new positive belief systems.

Seems impossible?

Did you know that your brain have the capacity to unlearn the belief systems you want to get rid of, learn new ones, and turn them into new thinking habits?

IN FACT you used this ability for many times in your life but you probably weren't aware of it.

Knowing what I'm about to teach you by working withy me is based on this natural capacity of your brain. With this information you should already start feeling better after the first session! I worked with dozens of BPD clients over the past one year and these results are common.

So how long the therapy takes?

I had clients who got BPD free in two months. Others needed longer time. Generally, the length of the healing process depends first on how deep the borderline belief systems go, and second on how dedicated the BPD person is to do the therapy.

We are going to work together AS A TEAM and OUR common enemy is the borderline personality that eats you alive right now.

Over the first one-two sessions we are going to start building the therapeutic relationship and bring to light the specific details of your borderline personality. Since I already know the most common belief systems in BPD I will start teaching you simple exercises and techniques that should help you start feeling better very fast. In some cases these exercises and techniques brought the first results in a matter of hours.

Then, I am going to teach you how borderline personality develops, what its "mechanics" are so you will begin understanding how you ended up with this terrible mental disorder.

We will continue in the next weeks to address one by one all the other belief systems and hidden patterns that "drive" the symptoms of your borderline personality automatically. This way you will start to gradually gain control back over your emotions and reactions, you will be aware which of the BPD Pitfalls is active in you so that you'll know what to do in any moment.

Gradually the mental buzz and noise will stop, you'll start feeling calm and relaxed more and more. Your attention and memory will improve, you'll feel less and less erratic emotionally, and the self-punishing inner monologues will decrease in frequency and intensity until they will be replaced by positive self-monologues.

Gradually we are getting closer to the moment when you will have to make a decision: continue to live in the borderline hell, OR start transforming your life today by implementing my therapy into your life.

Maybe one part of you wants to work with me very much, AND maybe another part of you keeps telling you to better stay put and save yourself pain or a possible disappointment...

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, let me tell you this: after reading through the articles I posted here on this website and watching and listening the multimedia materials, I'd say it's obvious that I understand this mental disorder very well. Being an ex-BPD sufferer myself, I know this "beast" from the inside. I'm giving specific details and insights that only and ex-BPD sufferer who also understands well the workings of the human mind can.

All my clients before you recovered because in one point in their lives reached a decision: they decided to work with me on their problems.

I know what you need and I CAN help you. But good things will start to happen IN YOUR LIFE ONLY IF you will reach YOUR decision.

If on the previous page you saw that I have free spots for therapy and coaching, you need to decide fast because I take new clients on a first-come-first-serve basis. I take both BPD and non-BPD clients and usually therapy takes months. That's how much you will have to wait until new spots will open again!

So do you want to work with me personally to eliminate your borderline personality fast and permanently?


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