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"What Accelerates The Development Of Borderline Personality?"

Learn What Are The Most Destructive Factors That Accelerate The Development Of Borderline Personality

By Michael Weisz


There is one key aspect in the entire combination of consistent invalidations that accelerate the developing process of borderline personality. It is very painful and a hundred times more depreciating than average invalidations.

This key aspect in the invalidating families has such an immense depreciating power on BPD sufferers because it is explicit, compared to all the other usual invalidations that are implicit. Usually it comes up after episodes of fury and impulsivity, but sometimes after identity crises, "lack" of empathy, paranoia, or black and white splitting too.

The explicit invalidations are represented by exaggerated critique and scolding, and by the different kinds of punishments parents or other significant adults apply as ways to "educate" their child.

Unfortunately these "educational" strategies bring the exact opposite results because they come on top of a personality that is already deeply marked by an entire host of self-defeating beliefs, attitudes, and thinking patterns.

Punishments, scolding, and critique are the most destructive aspects in borderline personality because they reinforce negative beliefs and attitudes in the child, like "I am a "bad" person", "I am "evil", "I am a despicable person", AND also reinforce the implicit belief that manifesting emotions and needs is bad, inappropriate, and that they are unwelcomed.

The learned negative beliefs and attitudes that are stored in the subconscious mind will continue to invalidate the BPD sufferer. By refraining to manifest emotions and needs, the borderline person has no other "venting" options for the accumulated tension, anxiety, and frustration.

They will continue to build up until the self-control mechanisms and strategies will be overwhelmed. In such moments a new episode of anger and impulsivity will come up, usually followed by a new "educational" session of punishments, scolding, or critique.

For these reasons relaxation exercises and routines are key components in the BPD healing process.

One simple yet very effective relaxation exercise is called "Breathing Relaxation" that can be found on page 91 in my new "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program.

This exercise consists of taking deep and very slow breaths with the eyes closed for at least one minute.

Deep and slow breathing is associated in the brain with physical, emotional, and mental calm, relaxation, and peace.

Doing this simple and safe exercise for at least one minute will help you alleviate your anxiety, tension, anger, or frustration almost immediately and you will feel calm and relaxed.

You can enhance its effects even more by imagining yourself sitting on a beach, on a green meadow, or by a river.

In fact you might want to try it right now!


Feeling calm and relaxed already?

In my new program for borderline personality you will find all the knowledge and the entire protocol you need to heal your BPD YOURSELF. The step-by-step approach helps you cover the content fast and advance quickly with your recovery.

If you want to get your BPD handled once and for all, my "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program is exactly what you need.

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